Why U S Attacked NY + Others? To Continue Counterfeiting U.S. $$ Which began 1945 

“Official U.S. Dollar Counterfeiting began 1945””

AAA U.S. Made Counterfeit/Robbery 

 $200 Trillion + U.S. $ Counterfeit

U.S. Counterfeit eliminates budgets

I have proven U.S. Counterfeit Industry (p299): U.S. Confesses-To

Counterfeit-$$  British way  Lord’s Counterfeit Report       2012 REPORT

SOLD OUT USA   #2  Gold-fingered ! Hell is Near  U.S. bankruptcy-1933 

 US Treason Club-Myron Fagon 1967

USA Counterfeit Report 2011 

“$700 trillion Counterfeit on Page 299”

Max   Keiser  Reports


.StansberryResearch.-Video on  COUNTERFEIT BAILOUT CARTOON   Hitler on Housing Bubble

NY Times Counterfeit Report 12/12/10 Video TESTIMONY

The   FED  =  MASTER   Counterfeiters   

$200 Trillion  U.S. Bankruptcy:/2010-08-13/

1- All U.S. Securities are based on counterfeit dollars & are worthless;

2- All loan-modifications amount to new counterfeiting;

3- Salessi’s proof of fact: On 7/15/10 U.S. Senate legitimized $600+ trillions of counterfeit dollars (Derivatives), thus  obstructing  prosecution of counterfeiters)


— 7/15/10 BP OIL SPILL SUDDENLY CHOKED!!!  Coincidence ?  Evidently, the spill was a decoy to divert public attention from legitimizing $600+ Trillions of counterfeit. “In politics nothing ever happens by accident, and if it does you can be sure it was planned” F.D.R.

Shootout on BP rig before explosions;


movie “KNOWING” 2009: .youtube.com;   youtube.com;  .youtube.com;


—-7/15/10  Senator Dodd confirmed Salessi’s below statements by saying something to this effect: “…The volume of financial derivatives mushroomed from $90 Billions to over $600 Trillions in just a few years…” [ i.e.: & we adopted the $600 Trillion counterfeit as legit-dollars with this BILL…and you the sheeple have no idea how we  ruined you for eternity  & of our plans 4U] (as CLASSIFIED in this BILL:.youtube. if you resist: .youtube. Then:

By Extermination-1::#2   # 3 



A description of U.S. COUNTERFEIT industry:LETTER TO JERRY BROWN & U.S. ATTORNEY RUSSONIELLO-2-20-2009 Mr. Joseph Russoniello–  youtube MSNBC



This critical report, which could abort every foreclosure in this country, has been concealed by media & government to assist theft of millions of houses, and to prevent disclosure of counterfeiting dimensions: (ie: $ 6 trillions outstanding Original Notes turned into over $600 trillions counterfeit money called derivatives and mortgage-backed securities. In fact the entire $600+ trillions of wealth created by the sellers of these junks is worthless counterfeit, facilitated by all branches of the U.S. Government, which counterfeit they are now trying to legitimize,  through government charades):AMERICAN BANKRUPTCY INSTUTUTE-Where is the NOTE report, Concealed since 4-3-09


$600 Trillion counterfeit officially admitted:

The Bank for International Settlements estimates that outstanding derivatives total $592 trillion: [59]

How U.S. banks counterfeit “Money as Debt”:.federalreservefraud.

Who’s The FED? youtube. .youtube.

World Savings-Wachovia COUNTERFEIT factory: alameda.courts.


Inspector General of Fed. Fraud:Which 9 Trillion Counterfeit U-sheeple? .youtube. Fiat $$ .youtube. .youtube


Wachovia Busted Laundering Drug Money:youtube.   Drug $$

wachovia drug money-4/2008  


$1/2 Trillion  Drug$ buys off CONVICTIONS: laundering .occ.


The above cache of drug-cash, laundered by Wachovia, should have produced around $50 Trillions (i.e.: 100 times the drug-cash ) of counterfeit derivatives which were sold globally! Thus, the entire Wachovia operations should have been confiscated and forfeited by law-enforcement. Wachovia (Wells-Fargo-Drug-Cartel) insiders, with knowledge of their principals’ crimes should file qui tam actions, and under, inter alia, 18 USC 1964, to cease and desist Wachovia on behalf of the people, and where government failed. Insiders of all other counterfeiters could file qui tam actions as attempts to recover funds stolen, by their principals, during this decade.


Here is some stolen real money:


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