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This paper is a correction, and an update, to the force calculations in the below linked 2012 published paper, which had offered a $2,000 prize money to anyone who disproved 9/11 nukes; No one claimed the prize because it was NOT disprovable. Sponsorship raised prize to $4,000 & seeks additional backers:


The key to “SOLVING 9/11 NUCLEAR ENIGMA” is the basic understanding of the minimum forces necessary to cause the resulting outcomes, namely the demolition, and displacement (moving) of over one million tons of building materials, by turning the buildings into pieces which were blasted miles away, in addition to melting and vaporizing more than half of the buildings into atomic dust which was also blown miles away.

CAUSE-AND-EFFECT (“Newton’s Third Law of Motion”):

The magic 9/11 ENIGMA problem-solving key here is this, recently posted, online force converter which helps us calculate the minimum blast forces originated in the bases of WTCs to cause the documented effects:


To utilize the above force-to-explosive converter, we first resort to the physics of “Tiger Woods 250 Yards golf ball drive”, as a yardstick for the applied force to the ball, which is parallel with the forces causing the 250 yards’ flight of the below shown (“300 Ton AMEX-BULLET”) into the corner of Amex Tower on 9/11/01. This piece, which was one of hundreds of such pieces, had measured 300-tons upon removal:  https://kareemsalessi.files.wordpress.com/2019/07/d3f31-vigadowtcnoamex.jpg

In order to find out if a “nuclear bomb had to have exploded” to blast off the Amex-Bullet from WTC and fly it into Amex-Tower, we calculate the following similar throw-forces, which must have been applied to the Amex-Bullet, by borrowing the related Tiger Woods golf-physics:

Force of a Golf CLUB onto a Golf BALL (46 grams) ≈ 15,000 Newton (last line of below page):


As you can see in this introductory Newton-force website:


One Newton is a bar of chocolate: 102 gram 1 Newton.    Thus:

1 kilo-newton (force) =1000 N 1000/9.8 kg = 102 kg (weight) 100 kg (weight)

Thus: 15,000 Newton = 15 X 100 = 1,500 kg (weight) = 1.5 TONS of force is applied onto the gulf ball upon impact, to make it fly 250-yards!

Because force is usually measured in Newton units:

Plugging 15,000 Newton into the first above force converter returns:

15,000 Newton meter = 0.00358 kilogram of TNT ≈ 3.6 Grams of TNT

If we make a cannon for shooting golf-balls of all weights with TNT, a standard 46-gram golf-ball would fly 250 yards with 3.6 grams of TNT, while a metal golf-ball of 460-grams would need at least 36 grams TNT to fly 250 yards.

We now apply golf ball’s proportional blast force to the “300-ton Amex-Bullet”, as if it were a “300-ton golf ball”, or a “300-ton-cannonball”, blasted out of an impossibly gigantic cannon, using TNT as propellant. Our calculation will show how much TNT would have been needed to cause a similar effect (i.e.: to shoot the 300-ton-cannonball 250 yards into the Amex-Tower).  Basic math derives the required minimum forces, based on the golf shot yardstick:

300 Ton (Amex-Bullet) = 300,000,000 grams

300,000,000 / 46 (gr golf-ball) = 6,521,739 golf balls

6,521,739 X 3.6 (gr-TNT) = 23,478,260 grams TNT = 23,478 kg ≈ 23 Tons TNT

Thus, the Minimum TNT/Dynamite needed to blast off “300 Ton Amex-Bullet” 250 yards away is 23 Tons of TNT (to blast off only one piece).


Copy-paste below line in Google Images, or follow its below link:

“WTC Winter Garden Buried on 9/11”


in order to see that around 100,000 TONS of huge WTC pieces appear to have buried The WTC Winter Garden all the way to its river bank (i.e.: 100,000 tons of huge building pieces thrown 200-500 yards away), thus requiring at least the following blast-forces:

100,000 (tons huge WTC pieces) / 300 (tons Amex-Bullet) = 333 (i.e.: “333 Amex-Bullet equivalents”), thus requiring:

333 X 23 Tons TNT (per 300-ton bullet) ≈ 8,000 Tons = 8 Kilotons (kt) TNT force needed to blast away 100,000 tons of loose structures (but only if the huge pieces had been sitting on the ground when they were blasted away, like golf balls, or cannonballs).

Above 8 Kilotons TNT force excludes the forces needed to dismember (tear off) the much photographed 100,000 tons of structures from a WTC. Those tear-forces, which disintegrated the buildings, must have been much greater (2-10 times greater than the throw forces). Assuming only a minimum of 2 times tear-force results in a total minimum force of (1 + 2 = 3 times of throw forces = minimum total forces needed to tear off & throw building pieces), thus:

8 (kt-throw force) X 3 = 24 Kiloton TNT (total minimum force) needed to tear off and blast away just 100,000 tons (i.e.: 1/5th of each WTC);

NOTE: 24-kt equals both atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945!

Thus, to tear off & scatter a complete WTC building required at least:

24-kt (above) X 5 times TNT = 120 Kiloton TNT/Dynamite total!

MythBusters help derive force calculations using real Dynamite:

YOUTUBE:Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y_1o81qUXs This video shows a ½ meter (½ m) lift of a 2-ton car with 2 kilos of TNT, which is parallel to a ½ m lift of the (“300-ton AMEX-BULLET”) with 300 kilos of TNT, or a One-meter lift with 600-kilos of TNT. Now, assuming a minimum 50-meter lift-force can shoot Amex-Bullet it into Amex corner, then this amount of TNT is needed: 600 kilo-TNT X 50m = 30,000 kilo-TNT = 30 tons-TNT, corresponding with our original 23-ton TNT above.

Applying MythBusters numbers derives a ½ m lift of 100,000 tons of WTC with 100 tons TNT, and a ONE meter lift with 200 tons TNT, thus a minimum 50-meter lift of 100,000 tons of WTC, in order to bury the Winter-Garden, needs: 200 tons X 50 meters = 10,000 tons (= 10-kiloton) TNT, also corresponding with our 8-kt derived above, and resulting in a similar ultimate fact that WTCs could have been destroyed only with nuclear bombs on 9/11/01.


“9/11 Nuclear Hypothesis”, including related factors:

If TNT/Dynamite had actually been installed to blow up WTCs, then every floor of each WTC had to have been carpeted with at least one thousand one-ton pallets of TNT, which is an impossibility by itself. WTC eyewitnesses, had seen no explosives on WTC floors, thus concealed nuclear bombs must have been deployed, as Dimitri Khalezov (Soviet Nuclear Intelligence) testified to, and proved in interviews and in his 1,100-page book, where he showed that 150-180 kiloton nukes must have been deployed in each WTC:

Dimitri Khalezov book free download:


Khalezov videos:  https://donaldfox.wordpress.com/tag/mini-nukes/

However, there is a possibility that less than 180 KT nukes had been deployed because more than half of each WTC disappeared into thin air as most of the structures vaporized or turned into micro dust which was blown miles away with New York winds!  According to Dimitri Khalezov, and confirmed by VeteransToday nuclear experts, the vaporization effect of WTCs was achieved with a (publicly UNknown) chemo-nuclear-radiation-reaction between the radiation and WTC cooling systems’ Freon gas which created an instant heat plasma (cloud) of millions of degrees throughout WTC cores (elevator shafts with a  chimney-effect) vaporizing the buildings from the bottom up, and from the inside out (like a volcano which erupts until its total destruction), while helped with the atomic blast forces, which blasted the massive outer layers of WTC structures outwards, hundreds of yards away.

Chemo-radioactive-reaction with “auto-engine Freon Gas”, miles from WTCs,  also vaporized thousands of engines and vehicles,  like fire trucks! Exmples: Google Images: “Vaporized 9/11 Vehicles”  and: “9/11 vehicles miles away from WTC”, also linked below:



Below are some linked samples of faraway vaporized vehicles:

https://www.uwgb.edu/dutchs/PSEUDOSC/9-11Pix/firetruck-3[1].jpg     (a troll site)


Similar car engine vaporization in Tianjin, was associated with Freon-chemo-nuclear-radiation-reaction, thus proving a nuclear explosion:


Below link which is just one of the links in the above page:


calculates that an atomic explosion, with a calculated force of 4-13 Kilotons TNT, was necessary to create the Tianjin crater.

Each WTC crater, which was much larger than Tianjin, resulted from vaporization of at least: 100,000 tons of underground granite, reinforced concrete, and steel. In addition, at least 300,000 tons of each WTC above ground was vaporized, thus leading us to “Nuclear Directed Energy Weapons” (NDEW) (nuclear bombs) as the only known devices capable of causing the 9/11/01 destructions. Furthermore, even the application of the above minimal Tianjin-crater atomic force to WTC destructions leads us to the conclusive finding of NDEW in WTCs, while eliminating all other possibilities. see:


AND:   http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/camera.jpg



9/11 Hijackers      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdEm8z2NTBo

9/11 Nuclear Craters     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-JHYr3G9_E

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Nuclear 9/11    https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=+nuclear+9%2F11

9/11/01 missiles   https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=9%2F11%2F01+mis

“Holographic airplanes” https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=holographic+airplanes

“70,000 New York 9/11 victims” http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/09/10/15-years-after-911-emergency-responders-and-civilians-turning-up-with-record-rates-of-cancer/




“Author: Kareem Salessi 2/20/2017”

“Salessi Weapons of Mass Disclosure” (“Salessi WMD”)

“Dedicated to 9/11 Witness-Whistleblower Dimitri Khalezov”


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Click to access AlisonWeir_AgainstOurBetterJudgment-TheHiddenHistoryOfHowTheUSWasUsedToCreateIsrael_2014_137pp.pdf

Click to access AlisonWeir_AgainstOurBetterJudgment-TheHiddenHistoryOfHowTheUSWasUsedToCreateIsrael_2014_137pp.pdf







3 responses to “(“SOLVING-9/11-ENIGMA”)”

  1. FEMA’S Human Remains Recovery Team had to geo map the location of every body part they found. In all, 21,812 pieces of human flesh were found as far as 3,368 ft from ground 0. That’s 11 football fields. Victims of a gravitational collapse would be crushed, not blown into tiny little pieces and hurled 11 football fields away. The HRRT maps are the smoking gun proof of bombs. Not little ones either.

    The amount force required to achieve that type of shit is insane.

      The scattering of tiny body-parts, a mile away from WTCs, is yet another signature of nuclear explosions, keeping in mind that the actual bodies of the people, in & around, WTCs were literally vaporized with million degree nuclear-temperatures, which also vaporized over a milllion tons of buildings with everything inside them!!!

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