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Notice  of  Demand  to  Wachovia  Drug  Cartel  to  Destroy  Drug-Funded Loans By Laws Cited In:   PETITION  NOTICE: 11/7/12 

NOTICE OF  U.S. Judges’ Slush Funds [alleged or proved]


(& Invitation to competent lawyers and U.S. Attorneys to prosecute) :

1- Willis Family Trust;  Wallace Willis & Mary Willis, for possession and laundering of stolen property (28841 Aloma Ave. Laguna Niguel, Ca. 92677); Aiding & Abetting Drug Money Laundering; 

2 – The following faceless entities, or individuals, acting as  agents of  Wachovia Drug Cartel & the American Counterfeit Industry (ACI):

FOR LIBEL by: publication of false, fraudulent, and/or privileged information:

– FINDACASE.COm (an organized crime) ; (an organized crime); . Orange County Register (“Legal newspapers”); EXPERIAN; EQUIFAX; TRW; TRANSUNION; FICO (organized crimes)

– Drug-Cartel lawyers, staff, and their co-conspirators in all capacities;

Drug Cartel affiliated syndicates, named above, and their unnamed government co-conspirators,  have created millions of fraudulent reports, publications, and court documents to destroy lives of millions of citizens of this country, for the benefit of their drug cartel affiliates such as “WACHOVIA DRUG CARTEL” [remaned Wells Fargo on 3/20/10], and continue to advertise their drug syndicates as legitimate business entities, as in here. Criminally organized publications by the above crime syndicates has facilitated, and expedited, the plunder of millions of houses in the U.S.     Kareem Salessi herein requests action by The FEDERAL GRAND JURY, to nationally prosecute, and enjoin the above crime syndicates from fabricating ,  publishing, or recording, fraudulent documents, in all forms, and to force them to seize & desist their  rountine crimes & compensate their millions of victims, by way of meaningful FEDERAL GRAND JURY criminal prosecutions (unlike the  3/17/10 D.O.J. deal made with Wachovia Drug Cartel which, I believe, purchased World Savings Bank with drug dollars, while Wachovia itself was insolvent!):

Wachovia Drug-Lords consented to drug running charges on 3/17/10, and on 3/20/10 changed names to Wells Fargo, as an act of concealment. Laws in this country obligate government to seize and deist:

– Commingled Wachovia Drug Dollars (over 1/2 Trillion);

– Wachovia banking and other operations, under all disguises, including Wells Fargo;  & to criminally prosecute all involved,  without delay,  In These DRUG BANKS   #2according to U.S. laws enumerated in this PETITION 

 – 10-23-11 D.E.A. Endorses Wachovia Drugs by doing nothing  (D.E.A. deleted this link from its website)    #2   #3  #4  #5

”how to launder drug money in America”;

“Wachovia Mortgage FSB v. Kareem Salessi”: 

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