Orange County Law?

$250,000,000 Stolen by O.C. Man??

Drug Trafficing & Murder Base O.C.

Orange County, Ca. Haven for RICO:

If you wonder why institutional & continuing criminal enterprises such as “Wells Fargo Drug Cartel” (f/k/a: “Wachovia Drug-Cartel”), “First Team Real Estate”, First American Title, Fidelity Title, Chicago Title, Commonwealth Title, their affiliates, and thousands of similar crimes  blossomed in Orange County, in just a few years, see some of my personal examples of Orange County law at work:

1-7-2010: A traffic-court trial at the Orange County Superior Court, Jamboree Road, Dept. H-14, where Commissioner Max De Lima, without mandatory stipulations, routinely holds hundreds of traffic trials, each costing people hundreds of dollars, amounting to $1,000s per day. 

In this case Irvine Police officer Ostrowski in open court, repeatedly lies under penalty of perjury, that he pulled me over and cited me. In fact he was running a traffic-trap racket with another Irvine Cop (probably Garcia) who pulled people over whereby Ostrowski issued tickets, handed them to (Garcia) who in turn handed them to drivers, while in court Ostrowski falsely testified that he personally did all the above!  While Ostrowski did not deny committing multiple counts of perjury, Commissioner De Lima who evidently knew about this racket quickly wrapped it up by making laughs that Ostrowski was not impersonating anyone, and was not committing perjury, and even threatened me at the end of hearing, on 1/7/2010. Voices: Commissioner De Lima; Officer Ostrowski; Kareem Salessi;

Track 1;Track 2; Track 3;Track 4;Track 5;Track 6;

Proof of : Irvine Cop Chris Ostrowski #282 perjuries in writing and in open court (e.g.: Black Honda Accord v. White Jeep); O.C. Court’s perjuries by confirming contradictory declarations of officer and admitting them as truths, and proofs of facts; forged reporter’s transcript despite available voice recording [corrections to the highlighted words in brackets]:



Orange County Court On Drug Trafficking:




One floor above, in the same court-house, on 3/13/09, in Dept. H-11, Bribed commissioner Richard Pacheco, without mandatory stipulation, and in violation of federal and state laws, held a hearing of a fraudulent Motion for Summary Judgment in support of a perjuring lawyer, John Gulino, appearing for a phony AFRTIFICE which claims to belong to Wachovia (drug-cartel). Soon after, these people fabricated fraudulent orders and judgments, and stole, and / or, replaced them with other ones, and committed numerous other court frauds which I documented in that case.


Bribed Judge William Monroe, on 7/8/08, illegally conspired with two lawyers to avoid  mandatory disqualification. He stated things on the record which implicated him in conspiracy with the lawyers. A week later he denied what he said and further implicated himself, and thereafter altered the court’s transcript which I will post here shortly.

Orange County Court transcripts are at disposals of  judges who have the cases. Before someone orders copy of a transcript, a judge can review the transcript and alter (i.e.: Forge, per CPC 115.5; 470:480) it any which way he wants. Court-reporters conspire or are  fired, and when they print and sell a forged transcript another RICO felony forgery is completed by the same people we pay to uphold law and order. I have  documented, and reported, these forgeries to O.C., and state, court authorities since 2006, and been ignored. See Salessi Appellate Opening Brief  filed 8/11/10, at home-page.

Is O.C. not haven for Organized Crime (O.C.)?

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