April 2, 2010   “Wells Fargo Drug Report”  “Kareem Salessi” 

P U B L I C  N O T I C E:

THE SUBJECT-PROPERTY LOCATED AT 28841 ALOMA AVENUE, LAGUNA NIGUEL, CALIFORNIA, 92677 IS A STOLEN P PROPERTY. It is the property of the estate of Kareem Salessi, in Chapter 11 case numbers: 8:09-bk-13791-ES, pursuant to, inter alia, 11 U.S.C. 362, and


“28841 ALOMA Forgery Forensics”

“28841 Aloma Forgery by First Team Real Estate



Individuals, including lawyers, public officials, phony, or actual, business entities, their alter-egoes, and agents, who have conspired with Wachovia Drug Cartel in the armed robbery of the above house from me are either subject to prosecution in my current federal actions (in California Central District Courts), or may be added as newly discovered doe-defendant/s. I have also applied to state & federal authorities for criminal prosecution of those involved in the aiding & abetting of  Wachovia Drug Cartel, in its purchase of World Savings Bank, which I believe was a drug-money laundering operation, while using Wachovia Mortgage, FSB. as a strawman:


(ie:  that World Savings Assets, including its outstanding mortgages, were paid for with drug money in late 2007, while Wachovia itself was totally insolvent and subject to receivership, despite having laundered 1/2 $Trillion drug$).. This public notice applies to those who try to sell, to buy, to finance, to insure, to under-wirte, to record, to transfer title, or to  take part in any transaction/s pertaining to the above property, located in Orange County, California, also known as “WORLD CAPITAL OF FRAUD”.

Anyone who has been contacted to take part in any types of transactions pertaining to the above property must access the Orange County Recorder’s recorded documents of title, and judgments, under my name “KAREEM SALESSI”, and see recorded documents which are proof of the forgeries of the “GRANT DEED” and the “LOAN DOCUMENTS” which were fabricated by several of the following federal case# SACV 08-01274 DOC(MLGx) defendants, entities and their agents, and operatives, in 2002:

KAREEMSALESSI-Federal Case-part1;

2009 WL 3873625

Kareem SALESSI, Plaintiff, v. COMMONWEALTH LAND TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY; Debra A. Ortiz; Patrick F. Ortiz; Coast Cities Escrow; Western Surety Company; Cameron Merage; Ann E. Skinner; County of  Orange; Golden West Savings Association Service Co.; World Savings Bank, FSB; Wachovia Mortgage, FSB; Wachovia Corporation; Fidelity National Financial; William M. Monroe; Michael B. Goldberg; Anglin Flewelling Rasmussen Campbell & Trytten LLP; Frederick J. Hickman; John Chakmak;

Above Defendants’ partial List:

3- COAST CITIES ESCROW (a forgery arm of the above names);
4- Cameron Merage (owner of the above fraudulent operations);

5- World Savings (a total RICO); “World of  Trouble – 2/15/09”

(World Savings Forgery of Loan Docs. p.13)

6- Golden West Savings Association Services Company (fraudulent, shell-holding company of World Savings Bank, sold to WACHOVIA DRUG CARTEL); “WACHOVIA …PROSECUTION

(Wachovi  Drug Charges-partial ); fed-charges

7- Commonwealth LandAmerica Title Insurance Company (a RICO forgery operation sold to a colossal national RICO enterprise known as “Fidelity National Financial”);
8- Century Funding, and Baldwin Mortgage, of San Mateo, Ca. (Wholesale mortgage fraud operators for World Savings branch in Daly City);
Judgment debtors in 04CC11080;
9- Numerous other defendants in my Orange County Case # 04CC11080, and the current federal case # SACV 08-01274 DOC(MLGx);

Anyone who has been contacted to commit a crime, a fraud, or any tasks which may appear legal on its face, pertaining to the above subject property, should report to the Untied States Trustee’s Office with specifics, at:
U.S. TRUSTEE, 411 W. Fourth St Suite 9041, Santa Ana, CA 92701, preferably in writing, with reference to my Chapter 11 case numbers: 8:09-bk-13791-ES, and the NINTH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS case # 09-60050;
Documentations of the frauds, and crimes, of the above defendants, named and unnamed here, are publicly available by opening a PACER account and accessing the above federal cases.
Also see my post at:

“Forgery Factories” “(Robo-Signers)”


More information will be posted in the near future.

Kareem Salessi

April 2, 2010


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